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On your application, please list all trips for which you wish to be considered. PLEASE DO NOT APPLY FOR CLINICS IF YOU ARE NOT FULLY PREPARED TO ATTEND THE CLINIC.
You may list more than two domestic trips on your application.
Acceptance to trips is based on availability and staffing needs, you will not be placed on more than two.

Important:  The system may not accept your application if you do not put an answer in every box.  Please put some answer in every box, even if it is "N/A" or "none". 
Thank you for interest in the program.
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We continue to accept applications from all who are interested for trips listed as open. 

We continue to accept applications  from DVMs, technicians, and student technicians for 2012 Clinics that are listed as full.  

Applications are not accepted on a first come first served basis.  They are accepted in an effort to balance the clinic and provide the best experience for all of our volunteers. We accept veterinarians, technicians, veterinary assistants, pre vet students, vet students and support staff (anyone can be a member of the support staff!).  Don't worry if you don't have extensive equine or veterinary experience, we look at these applications a little differently than you might think.  

Please do not apply for international clinics if you are afraid of international travel.  
We are not a tour guides or a travel agency. We do not have the time or the energy to coddle you. If your mother is going to tell you not to come, please do not apply! It wastes our time and takes up space on our roster that might otherwise be taken up by people who do not need coddling.  
If you want to be a tourist, sleep in a hotel.... there are other paid opportunities that might fit your needs, our clinics will not.
Where did you hear about this program?
What do you hope to gain by attending this clinic?

Thank you for considering service with RVETS. It is not possible for us to provide the level care to the number of patients we see without help.  
We will try to send a notification of receipt of application within one week of receipt.  Keep in mind that we are frequently on the road and unable to do so, please be patient.
For international trips only, please enter a year