This program is not possible without donations from our supporters.  We understand that you have many options for using your tax deductible donation and appreciate you considering our program. Please feel free to contact us if you need additional information to help you make your choice.
Digital Radiology Screen

Would massively improve out diagnostic capabilities and allow for research into serious upper airway disease in Central America

Operating Capital

​As always, the most useful donation is cash.  One of the largest expenses we incur involves travel.  With supplies and equipment high on the list as well.  No salaries are paid to anyone in our organization.
​$2.00 will pay for treatment to de-parisitize one patient.

​$2.00 will pay for tetanus vaccine for one patient in the US.

$5.00 will pay to vaccinate one patient in Mexico against tetanus.

$2.00 will pay for a tetanus antitoxin treatment in the US.

$20.00 will pay to anesthetize one patient for a routine castration or other short surgical procedure in the US.

$40.00 will pay to anesthetize one patient in Central America
Surgical Drape Material

We use a lot of drape and would welcome any that is available

Surgical Instruments

​Any instruments in good shape would be appreciated.

Go Pro Camera

For filming teaching videos from a birds eye view
We have attained our 501 c 3 non-profit status! This is another step in what we hope will be growth in the RVETS program and our ability to treat more animals, service more rural communities, and to train more students. 

Due to the generosity of our founding donors RVETS has been able to plan a full schedule for 2013. However, there is a lot of work to do out there. Horses need care and students want and need training. 

Beyond that there are already communities to whom we have had to say “we want to help, but will not be able to until we have more resources”. Similarly, all of our volunteer slots for students and veterinarians filled up soon after the schedule came out. We are absolutely committed to helping in every place that we possibly can.

RVETS is an all-volunteer organization that invests 100% of all donated funds into field operations. The staff does everything from writing teaching materials and running clinics to fixing the bus and sterilizing instruments. There is no office or storage rental.  This is our passion and we appreciate all your help.    
You can mail a donation to:

7373 Levee Road
Dixon, CA 95620

Keep in mind that in the spring/summer, we may be out of town for two months at a time
email me
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